okay then

ok, this is my first blogpost. I'm using this blog because we got an assignment from our English teacher to create a blog and write both personal and formal stuff. A beawesome assignment , acording to me who loves blogging.
(the design is really gimcrack, but I'm going to take care of it someday. Since I don't write here every day, it's not at my top-priority-list)

Well this post was a short one, but I'm going to sleep in ten minutes or so. But I'll try to write something more, 'cause the posts were suposed to be pretty long, so I guess I'll continue like this (with unnecessary information) for a while.

Today has been a really lazy day. My body was so tired and I got muscle-ache from yesterdays training in wrestling. Yeah, that was kind of everything!

Me and Inez biked from the city to ersboda... My legs were totally gone after that. 30 minus maybe?

Anyway, now I'm going to bed, I think my writing's going to be kind of boring to read, 'cause (at least right now) I don't know what to say, and the pictures i upload had to have a connection with my writing.
Since I don't got some pictures on wrestling or muscelache or freezy legs, I guess you have to survive without anyone!

(I feel sorry for the human beeings who'll try to read this)

Love /Gabriella

Postat av: Hehehe

I know someone who's going to follow this blog, apart from your English teacher ;)

2010-01-30 @ 13:17:33
Postat av: farmora

2010-01-30 @ 13:48:33
Postat av: farmora

Good fluency I must say! Nice to read! Love! Granny.

2010-01-30 @ 13:49:58
Postat av: Leila

You wrote "I thing" instead of "I Think" i guess it was just a miss but, yeah, ... :) It was so much information in this blogpost that I had to read it twice to get it all! (or not ) love<3

2010-02-03 @ 10:32:12
Postat av: CG

I say... Why on earth do people insist on biking in weather like this! I don't get it!

At any rate, the blog looks good. Far better that mine, at least xD

Well... I need to go comment other things now...


2010-02-03 @ 10:39:52
URL: http://grayercommunism.blogspot.com

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