and so the bananas were next

So no training today, since I am starting to get ill...
A moment ago I went to the kitchen to check if the dinner was ready. It wasn't... so I took a banana, and then I knew what to write about in my next formal post... BANANAS!
I eat at least one banana a day, and the days I train I eat a lot more! 'Love it!
So.. now you know what to wait for!

I really wanna exersice today. Insted of making a wry face I will show you what I had done by now if I should go on the training tonight.
I would do my "after-training-smoothie"... and I know that you want the recipe, so here it comes:

It might not seem to taste that well. But, friends, I can tell you that everything (even this mess) tastes well after training.
Since I've never drunk this mix before training or any time other than after,
I can't tell if it really is appetizing as a juice.

I wonder if this is enough for a personal post. Maybe I'll ask Maja 'bout it tomorrow, and start with my formal (banana) post now instead.

Love /Gabban

Postat av: Ellen

Really good english! Although, I have to say, it doesn't sound very appetizing. But, I hate eggs, so maybe that's the reason. ^^

2010-02-25 @ 16:17:43

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