Since I have to do two formal posts in this blog I thougt about writing something about my new hobby: wrestling.

Wrestling is an athletic sport which is based around trying to force your opponent down on his/her back.
It's also one of the oldest sports in the world.

There are many different kind of wrestling-styles, but there are only two styles where you can compete at the olympic games. These are called Greco-Roman and Freestyle.
They differ on the type of holds permitted. While Greco-Roman wrestlers may hold only above the opponent's waist, there is no such restriction in freestyle wrestling.
Since I am a beginner, I train Greco-roman style only.

Here you can see some Greco-roman style. (The wrestling-part starts at 0.33)


Here you can see some Freestyle. (This video is a bit extreme, I think, since they only are grabbing the opponents ankles.)

Do you see the differences between the styles?

The Wrestling Federation that I am training with is called "Umeå IK -brottning". Umeå IK was made 97 years ago, at the beninning of the 20th century.

Wrestling is a natural way for one to measure your own physical power. This is especially good for youth and kids who need to practice their motor skills and coordination.
This sport is so much more than just games on the wrestling mat. If you are training wrestling you will both get a better health, a strong constitution and a lot more which is to the benefit of every other sport or activity you may do.
That's the mainreason why I like wrestling.

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Very nice blogpost, this one. It won't get me into wrestling, but it's nice and descriptive. You even used the translation I gave you ^^

Didn't pick up any faults either. Good job :D

2010-02-12 @ 11:55:45
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